Old Ship Hotel, Brighton

A small but interesting job was a project at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton, whereby we repaired a leak originating from a leaking 6-inch brazed fitting that was not repairable. Our Engineers fabricated and replaced a new section of customised pipe including two tees and Straub Couplings.

Our freeze team attended site and used liquid nitrogen to freeze the old, corroded pipework (due to the leak), which enabled us to replace it with brand new copper pipework.

We carried out the work during daytime hours to minimise the disruption to the hotel. The team is really proud to have been able to rectify the faults with no effect to the hotel’s business.

Below are some images to show what the project entailed and what our work looked like once we’d completed the repair.



If you’d like further information on our involvement in this project, feel free to contact the CG Systems team on info@cgsystems.cc.