Project Dragonfly

‘Project Dragonfly’ – the installation of all pipework in the fourth Ocado Customer Fulfilment centre, located in Erith – is the largest project that the team at CG Systems has worked on to date!

Project Dragonfly Ocado

Ocado Warehouse

The Ocado warehouse sits on a circa 40 acre site close to the River Thames, and when complete will have 560,000 sq ft of distribution space with offices totalling 27,857 sq ft. It will also boast 72 dock and 16 level access doors as well as room for 326 cars and 287 HGVs!

Within the scope of the project, we carried out the following work:

  • Boiler and plant room pipework installation, including 2no Ideal Imax Xtra floor standing condensing boilers and 2no Andrews MAXXflo gas fired water heaters.
  • Within the plant room there was also 4no Air Handling Units which were fed off the heating circuit.
  • All of the heating pipework was installed in Low Carbon Steel Mapress all the way to 108mm OD in excess of 1200 meters.
  • All of the domestic pipework (over 2000 meters) was installed in Copper Mapress up to and including 54mm.
  • All the second fix of 60 toilets, 6 showers, numerous hand wash basins and 4 squatting toilets.
  • Over 450 meters of Geberit HDPE soil pipe was installed to serve all the waste outlets on site.

Project Dragonfly interior

Ocado warehouse inside

Once again, we received critical project support from our suppliers, including BSS and Smith Brothers Stores as well as Geberit who supplied all the pipe fittings across the project. We’re proud to have completed such a monumental project and we’d like to thank our team of fitters as well as the upstream management for their hard work to ensure this all ran smoothly.

Warehouse boiler plant

Warehouse heating installation

MAXXflo gas fired heaters

Geberit soil pipework

If you’d like further information on our involvement with this project, feel free to contact the CG Systems team on

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